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Quilts on display have all been treated by MicroSealQ! Photo Credit to Diana EasleyEmma Rose invites you to Shop Small at Rachel's Quilt Patch

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Starting December 27, 2018
our regular retail hours will be 
Thursday, Friday & Saturday  10am - 5pm

We are developing some plans
or workshops to be held on 
Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Rachel will also be available
for one on one studio time
Tuesdays and Wednesdays
by appointment.
Thank you for your
continued support through 
this next phase of our business. 


Until December 27, 2018
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10am-5pm
Thursday evenings by appointment
Closed Sunday & Monday







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Protect your treasures.


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Coverage on NBC29 - Staunton Quilt Shop Fundraising for fabric protectant

Coverage in The News Leader - Sealing Memories with Fabric Technology


We are excited to add MicroSealQ protection to our services at Rachel’s Quilt Patch

You are missing something!! You have taken the time to select just the right fabrics for your project, taken your time to make sure you are happy with your work. But how can you protect it from the elements?

Fabric protection in many industries has never been considered an afterthought, it's been a demanding requirement! The most expensive textiles are benefiting from the application of this unique product. MicroSealQ dramatically increases the life of all natural and synthetic fibers.

MicroSealQ will protect your family’s keepsakes and treasures in a way you have never been able to before. Whether it’s a piece that has been handed down to you that your grandmother and her sisters worked on together, your first knitting project that snuggled your children or a needlework piece you just finished.

We finally have a product we can trust to protect our work from sun damage, soiling, and staining. Have your project professionally protected at Rachel's Quilt Patch.

How does it work?

illustration from microseal of Illinois.

MicroSealQ penetrates to the core of the fiber (cotton or wool for example) and prevents stains, wear, and sunfading from the inside out. It doesn't wash away quickly under normal cleaning conditions.


Permanent Stain and Sun Fade Protection
Specially developed for the fabric, quilting, and craft industries.

Permanent Stain Resistance

   - will survive many professional cleanings

Permanent Sun Fade Resistance

   - near 100% on most fabrics

Extends Fabric Life

    - Strengthens fiber and creates wear integrity

Seals All Fabrics

    - Wools, cottons, silks, synthetics, suedes, smooth leathers

Won't Change color or texture of fabric

   - created using advanced nanotechnology

Can be applied to used fabrics

    - won't seal in dirt or stains

Non Toxic & Non Allergenic

   - No fluorochemicals or PTFE resin (non-sitck)

Worldwide Independent Laboroatory Tested

    - Boeing Aerospace Certified Test report

    (see MicroSealinternational.com)


Need to see more about MicroSeal?
Here's a demo link, until we have one with a quilt.

Here's another link till we have our own.





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